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Our Story

Brandon Boswell Richmond Wedding Photographer

I know that moment all too well. The moment you meet that person who you just know is perfect for you in every way. The person that makes you want to be a better version of yourself, the person that recognizes strengths in you that you didn’t know you had. In 2006 I met that person.

We met at the age of 18 and he was unlike any other I had ever dated. It took me months and months of saying no to him before I eventually gave in. I can’t help but be immensely grateful that he never gave up on me.

Several years later in our tiny apartment on Cary Street I pushed him to pursue a passion of his that he was amazing at: Photography. I helped him buy the equipment and became his assistant of sorts (and later full on partner and second shooter). It wasn’t long before we realized what an unstoppable team we make: the perfect balance of technical and creative.

In 2012 we were married at a winery in my hometown. Here's our wedding video courtesy of Ginger Topham.

Our clients are amazing. They choose us because of our specific look and because they highly value photography. We love getting to know our clients, coaxing out their individual personalities and translating that into our art. Brandon calls me sadistic but my goal is always to make people cry. Tears of joy that is. I feel like if I can bring out an emotion with a photo that causes tears to run from your eyes I am doing my job. Not to mention I’m that photographer who is sobbing during the vows and father daughter dances anyway so I am probably just getting you back.

-Marshie Boswell


Our Base Package Is $3,900 & Includes:

Marshie and Brandon for 6 Hours of Wedding Coverage

Professional Post-Production & Retouching

Access to your images at

Most of our couples spend between $4,500 & $5,000